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Double Trouble

by Bored Member

By Q

Board politics, doping controversies, political turmoil, terrorist haven, match fixing, ball tampering, infighting, captaincy aspirations, unsettled opening pairs, ICL defections...

They said Pakistan were troubled.

How could they do well?

They just won an ODI series 3-0.

What changed their fortunes?

They asked a lot of questions.

But they forgot that Pakistan were up against a team, even more troubled than themselves.


Soulberry said...

Nice piece Q. Ajmal made it a tight series, otherwise it was a coast for Pakistan. But he's a fine bowler though.

straight point said...

you summed it up very well for me Q...

Gaurav Sethi said...

the umpires were even more troubled

Anonymous said...

Some cricket finally for Pakistan...And what was Shoaib Akhtar doing ? No game and yet injured...Does pak really need him ?