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Multiple Updates or (The Seriously Bored BCC! Blog)

by Bored Member

why weren't MUs there at 30/3? Why at 130/3?
This is an Indian blog. MUs will cease if/when momentum is lost. Will emerge again when found. 146/3. Referred. Not out. SMG claims it's important for the Indian POV. Not the Not Out. But the ball turned. Go figure.
Ad Break. KP juggles ball. Decides to bowl. BCC! decides on update.
KP pouts after being hit for six. Elsewhere Jolie pouts in her sleep. 163/3
GG gone. 163/4. KP doesn't pout. Takes wicket instead. GG played it on (again Sam). Prior jumps. himself. Break in MUs

11.21 AM
Long Ad Break. Explains why MSD is still not off the mark.
Captain off the mark. Anthony off to meet Brutus.

Shastri on. Cliches on. I'm off.
Shastri does not use "tracer bullet" to describe MSD shot. Par score 260-270 acc to RS. That should be par scores? Q - will India make two scores, how many will England chase?
Worth considering: Y Pathan gets another game, doesn't get to play up the order. Will he score another, er, 0. RS glad India stuck with YS. Is YS glad being stuck to?
Samit Patel on. Or is it Romesh Powar. Handwriting experts have been called.
RS uses "sensibly, well struck" and other sensible words. Still no tracerbullet tho.
Says, there "she goes". Who is she? She's a white ball.
39th over: still batting powerplay not taken. will india rue this, as windies did y'day?
Yuvraj 100. MSD gone. Powerplay? Powerpathan on.Will he last more than two balls?

11:49 AM (SP)
a ton from YS and dhoni arrange the champagne...i guess...
And bottled milk for self (NC)

YP lasts 6 balls - 3 times more than the avg. lifespan of YP innings
YP hits his first four after the IPL. Kisses heart locket which reveals Shane Bhai's colourful persona

Powerplay taken. 223/5. Siva and Bumble on. KP claps.
Fumble on the field, Bumble in the box.

12:06 PM (SP)
that's another four from yvraj's increasingly broad blade...and the helpless look of flintoff...priceless!!
Yuvraj gone...Broad comes
i think this powerplay is good concept...has already taken the wicket of yuvraj...
batters will be extra eager to take advantage of...thereby providing window of opportunity to bowlers...

12.30 pm (nc)
was india late on their powerplay? like could they have taken it a lot earlier, when GG and YS were having a net?
261/8. Updates faster than cricinfo. when we choose to.
267/8. told you so
running the first one hard, hardly running the second one - cause of many a runout, old jungle saying
Munaf is on. Prior is worse than Akmal.
Yusuf Pathan 50. 292/9. England will be thinking Rajkot, Stanford and bad thoughts. India won't have to think much.
Yuvraj will be thinking I'm two hundreds closer to the test side.
YP msgs Shane bhai. Shane bhai msgs nurse.

1.19 PM
Bell in hell. Eng 6/1. What have you got, skip?

2.05 PM
England still batting. RP Singh still bowling. No balls. Seems like a long time he bowled that yes ball to castle KP.
aside: Shah up the order - does well against India, at least has so far in this innings. RP Singh still bowling. Ravi Shastri still dng commentary. Prior still batting. Not with keeping gloves thankfully.
2.16 PM
The fieldings been so good, you almost don't miss Dada.
3.01 PM
Bored Serious: In earlier encounters, don't recall India using the spin option effectively enough vs. England.
Bored to the bone: Plumber called Suresh arrives. I call him Raina.
15.15 PM RP fields. RS speaks. We turn the other cheek.
Sachin appears. It's only an Ad. When Sachin returns to ODIs, where will he bat? Ponder. Ponderous.

3.20 PM
MSD is by far the best keeper appealer. Powerplay. Fun.
Flintoff's three 6s signal England's arrival in India. 145/3, 33
RP fields, surely a bad omen.
Munaf bowls a slow ball. This after Sami bowled a slow one. Slow learners, learning fast.
161/3 Flintoff is in the zone. from GMT to IST now.
zaks - don't talk to KP.
RP's back. KP strikes back. RP - speak to self
3.47 PM
England seize the batting powerplay - and the day? RP has a seizure - bowls his 3rd No Ball.
Time for who? Slow the game.
Powerplay over. Powerplayers out.Paul C'wood is in. And with him, his unmistakable bad luck.
4.04PM (SOS)
Players of Indian origin vs. Indian players. Not for long. 193/7.
Yuvi is now 4 wickets closer to a test spot.England in a spot of bother: 8 down.

4.28 India win. In spite of being a little too flash in the field, a better team would've taken it to the last over. England had more belief, but just enough to lose by a slimmer margin than the first game.

why india won: because rp didn't bowl more
why england lost: becaue yuvi still feels like playing cricket


straight point said...

mindless stuff in the end from india harbhajan onwards...they just seemed to forgot that pathan was still in crease...

we could have easily added another 10-15 runs or so...which might prove crucial in the end...

Bored Member said...

last over helped tho. still feel the power play should have been taken earlier - tho MSD plays till the full 50, (full 100) and doesn't like to reveal too much, too early.

straight point said...

in the end trading vice captaincy for test spot wont hurt ys?

Gaurav Sethi said...

it shouldn't. or maybe it did, and spurred him on to these two tons.
either way, YS in, gets MSD closer to his ideal team combo.

straight point said...

RP or RIP?

that skid...that steep awkward bounce everything is missing...

Soulberry said...

OurP is high and dry...

Kinka said...

congratulations on india win and yuvi again played brilliently.waht a day yuvi had both with bat and ball....he was certainly having a ball there....

Gaurav Sethi said...

Hi Kinka,
yuvi makes even crappy ODIs watchable. Rate he's gng, might even up his fielding a notch.