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Part-time lover of wickets

by Gaurav Sethi

by Naked Cricket

India went into the Nagpur test with a part-time spinner who doesn’t bat much.

So it seems.

Meet Mishra. 9 down batsman. 5 down bowler.

Most captains don’t like to bowl him, or even bowl with him.

Take for instance, Kumble’s farewell spell at the Kotla – he preferred to sign off with Sehwag.

That was six overs and out. Must be because Mishra’s a leggie, and variety’s welcome, even in a dead game.

However, like the erstwhile part-timer, Sehwag, now when Mishra comes on, he starts wicketing away.

And now Sehwag, a full-timer, has lost his golden arm.

Anyone seen Wavell Hinds?


straight point said...

kumble i can dhoni...?

even after taking wickets under him he doesnt think much of him...for some strange reason...

oh...may be he should have never unzipped the fly when he scored fifty...

Gaurav Sethi said...

in a way i'm glad mishra isn't playing the eng odis. but it's still a telling exclusion.