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What’s with the fifth day?

by Gaurav Sethi

It always falls on a Monday.

Just last month, we had one of those we’ll play while you work 5th days.

There was a song for it. Aptly titled, “It’s the fifth day”.

However, there wasn’t much to sing about.

Still the song remains the same.

Don’t you wish, tomorrow’s play has as many links as this piece?

Trouble with this series, far too many missing links - and while one captain looks like an ape, his teammates continue to, well, ape him.

To err might be human, but to act like an ape is deathly boring.

Declaration of Aussie intent:
Read the cliché book – nothing to lose, at the end of the day, cricket must win, we can do it, and all that good, good stuff. Deal is they can. Just as optimistic pigs can fly. Oz need to do what India didn’t on the 4th – do the Harlem shuffle with the batting, get all the mercenaries (who never belonged) up the order – Hogg, White, and ok, maybe even the blue eyed mercenary, Watson. Punter: if you don’t feel like a hit, sit under the shower with some Neville Cardus. Have SRK speak some inspirational stuff to Hussey, about KKR, and how to score a 100 in 60, or make the team watch Gone in 60 seconds, Speed 1, Speed 2. Hell, make them do Speed.

Declaration of Indian intent:
There’s a streetcar called desire with 5 gears – you need only two to win the BGT. One, the 8-put them off field, and second, ok, let’s attack now, shall we, it’s the post lunch session.


Q said...

Its gotta be India all the way!

Gaurav Sethi said...

what would one day of cricket cost ponting?

Q said...


Gaurav Sethi said...

thanks to the ipl, we know how much that means to him.

reckon his price there, prised his brains out.

Q said...

There's talk going around on facebook and elsewhere talking abt stripping him of the captaincy after this series. Publics not too impressed. Border definitely wasn't.. nor was Chappell.

Unless he scores a match winning 150 tomorrow, he's going..

Gaurav Sethi said...

man, ponting is no diff from dravid. he knows some terrible truths abt the cricketing universe, and he also knows they are against him. and there's not much he can do abt it.

the knives were out after sydney.
ipl low pay was a start. and then everything else followed.
at least, in punter's fevered imagination he believes he's been done in bad. Far flung but then so is punter.

the key: ponting should never overtake sachin, that's what makes indian cricket tick.

straight point said...

so one part of him scoring being taken care of...what next...

get billy out?

Q said...

At this rate, I doubt Ponting would get anywhere close to Sachin.

sraghuna said...

The Punter shall be put to pasture,
The Wall currently lacks all wherewithal!
The Aussies have lost the plot,
Monkeygate's got them covered in snot,
Tendya shall never be surpassed by a 'P'ricky',
For that he needs to be more talented & less tricky!!!

Gaurav Sethi said...

sp - billy took leave of his senses long ago.

q - doubt he will.

bravo sraghuna!