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Who’s YoYo?

by Gaurav Sethi

Yesterday we learnt who MoYo is – even though you can never know MoYo.

Today we will try and figure out what YoYo is.

Please rush in your answers to the PCB. God knows they need them.


Q said...

Yousuf - Younis = Yo-Yo !!

They cud very well be You-You!!

Anonymous said...

yo-yos are using the fans hard earned money.

How about a rap song NC that will go well with it... yo-yo check it out.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Q - no, not Me-Me!

scorpi - ha! how about a Qawali-rap remix, seeing they're such mixed up guys

"Zindagi hai yo-yo" recall that old hindi film song

Q said...

R u referring to Zindagi hai ek jua?

How about..

Chura lia hai tumne jo Mo-Yo
Yo-Yo nahin churana sanam


Gaurav Sethi said...


it's zindagi hai yo yo. sort of song that sticks