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Get Felicitated Rahul...

by Bored Member

By Q

When Australia's 2006-07 season started there was a lot of media speculation about it being the last season for a number of the senior players.

McGrath, Warne, Hayden, Martyn, Langer, Gilchrist were well past their 30s but all denied that retirement was anywhere on the horizon.

But as the Ashes in Australia came to an end that season, 4 of these seniors had hung up their boots.

However, their announcements had came at different times.

While McGrath had announced his retirement before the series began, Martyn ended up abandoning the team midway and calling it a day. Warne announced it after the Ashes were sealed, whereas Langer did so before the final test of the series.

India's ongoing series against Australia has been somewhat similar.

There was news of the Voluntary Retirement Scheme for the senior citizens and speculation about the careers of Sachin, Saurav, Dravid, Laxman, and Kumble was increasing by the day.

As always, all of them said they know when to go and that no one should dictate it to them.

Just before the series started, the first retirement announcement was made public as Saurav Ganguly told the world that this would be his last series.

As the series went on, the speculation around Kumble peaked but Kumble kept shutting the media up.

Finally injuries and other things caught up with him and he too called it a day on the final day of the penultimate test of the series.

The final test of the series kicks off in 2 days.

Will someone announce their retirement before or during the match?

It is highly unlikely that Sachin or Laxman are going to do that. Both have plenty of years left in those legs.

But Dravid?

Highly likely I reckon.

With Kumble gone, he might feel a bit distant from the captain, the same captain who has kept him out of the ODI team.

What more he might also be feeling left out as the only senior who is not being felicitated at Nagpur.

Maybe he wants a felicitation.

What better way to get it than by announcing the last test of your career?


straight point said...

this is the season of fecilitations Q

and i wont be least surprised if he joins the bandwagon...

however assured VVS place looks like at this moment we should not forget that only last match before ppl were baying for his blood and it will take just a failure of one of two that they will demanding it again...

such has been his career journey...

Anonymous said...

It might well be more than the right time to go for Dravid. I cannot see his place in the side for the England series unless he scores 2 double tons in the last test.

Voluntary retirement scheme :)... how hideous that sounds.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Q - funny you should right this. y'day had a "Felicitation" song running thru my head, the tune came around after reading yr post title. Get F-ed is still in the works.

Looks ominous for RD. Has for a while now. Not even VM's prayers have helped.

Btw scorpi, you're talking two doubles, Bhogle was talking two ducks. That's how cutting the media has been. He's a hunted man, has been when he reached his peak. They couldn't let him overshadow SRT, could they? And they won't.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps time for the author to bother more for Yousufs, Butts and Maliks than giving suggestion to Dravid for felicitations or retirements....

Dravid is just suffering from loss of form and in such case its not advisable to suggest RD to take a taxi and go away to never land.....

Anonymous said...

It pinches me one thing, when I write something about PCB or Pak cricket, Q calls me biased or opinionated...but now whats he doing ? Isnt he doing the same thing about Indian cricket ?

Q said...

SP, Laxman will face that kind of reaction for as long as he plays but i think the selectors know better than that..

Q said...

Scorps, I'm with you.. He needs a ton at the least.

Q said...

U know wat they say abt great minds NC ;-)

He hasn't announced it today, I don't think he will during the match like Kumble..

Or maybe he'll get a ton and announce it.

Who knows.

Q said...

Buzzz dearest, grow up :-)