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Boxing Day & Kushti Day

by Gaurav Sethi

A Boxing Day test is grand. Day after Xmas and a test match begins. One tiny glitch: if a player partakes of Xmas excesses, he'll be either hangdog or hungover or both for the first day’s play. Ask Symo how it is, if he turns up. One part of him will be still at the bar with Brian Lara, while the other part will be arguing with Michael Clarke.

Anyway, how about a Kushti Day test after Diwali? Or will card parties and petrol pumps be a serious impediment? Both fathers and feathers may be ruffled. If Brett Lee’s around some centurion’s hair too.

by Naked Cricket

1 comment:

sraghuna said...

... a kushti day test would be ideal to sweat out the excesses of Diwali ... swamp the akhara ... ruffle any part of opponent's anatomy that you fancy ... donate your winnings from the card party to the less fortunate(the Day of Goodwill as Boxing Day is also known as) ... wet beaks with the Pater ... kabhi kushti kabhi rum!!!