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An unlucky draw

by Gaurav Sethi

by Naked Cricket

Some tests have ‘Draw’ written all over them. If you look closely, instead of RBS, you’ll see ‘Draw’ written on the field, midway between the stumps and the side screen.

If you squint more, you’ll see all those Airtel hoardings are really ‘Draw’ hoardings.

You don’t need the beautiful mind of a code-breaker for this: just a hint of mint, a dash of squash…

Mohali had ‘Draw’ written all over it. That’s what kept me away. No victory dance, no Poms to prod.

Take the Mohali test (don’t shove it yet) – from a possible 450 overs (less 2 for each change of innings), what do we get – 343 (minus your twos please). The game was scrapped forty minutes before 5pm on the 5th, do that math too.

107 overs less (that is a day and 17 overs)

Begs the question, why wasn’t this test played higher up in the hills – would’ve been lucky to get a day and 17 overs. Must have got cold feet.

And isn’t this the second test in consecutive series being played at Mohali – and even though every parrot in the com box is enamoured by Mr. Bindra’s hospitality, go on this way, test cricket will need a hospital very soon.

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