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Chennai Test - India fashions an improbable win

by Bored Member

by Ottayan

No one expected this result when England declared their innings on day 4. A target of 387 on a wearing pitch looked unreachable in light of the 1st innings batting collapse. The manner in which the England team dominated the Test added to the scepticism. On top of it, the Indian team had a lame duck Dravid and Yuvraj, a 23 Tests old ‘prospect’ in its ranks. The team also had Tendulkar and Laxman, both of whom have played an integral part in many of the teams 4 th innings final day batting collapse.

Thankfully, there was one player, unburdened by the weight of India’s dismal 4 th innings batting history, unmindful of the impossibility of the mammoth total, unyielding in his desire to play the game his way who thought otherwise. Sehwag did what the cyclone was expected to do to the coastal city of Chennai - i.e., cause mayhem; however, the Sehwag cyclone altered its trajectory enough to miss Chennai and visit mayhem on the strutting English cricketers. With all the delicacy only a cyclone could muster, he waded into the English bowlers, slapped short rising deliveries, hocked good length ones and for a good measure nicked, paddled swept all with one result, they peppered the boundary line and beyond. End result, the English camp looked like wet birds trying to shake the water off their feathers.

That too was not to be, though Sehwag dismissal gave them hope, what little sunlight they enjoyed following the wickets of Dravid’s and Laxman was quickly snuffed out by the partnership between Tendulkar and Yuvraj. It may sound churlish to say that Tendulkar did what we the Indian fans had been expecting him to do for a long time - ensure an Indian victory. There is no surprise in the fact that he finally came good for India in a run chase, only relief, for this is expected off him, particularly at this stage of his career. His sanity at the crease not only prevented heart attacks among the fans but also gave the space for Yuvraj to grow into man. Now it is up to Yuvraj to father more such innings.

In the midst of this euphoria, Sachin struck a discordant note by dedicating his century to Mumbai. Ideally, he should have dedicated the century to the nation. This is particularly jarring because it was not the Mumbaiker alone, the nation to a man suffered during the terror attacks.

Image by hokiefacs


straight point said...

channai, or for that matter entire nation, wont mind even a bit of cyclone of this nature... :)

but as you correctly said it was win of entire nation...but i would give benefit of doubt to sachin coz on such highly emotional moment words sometimes defy what mind wants to say...

and BTW great to see you again OTT...i thought you are under some kinda 'house arrest' :))

Viswanathan said...


My broad band is having a mind of its own.:)

Gaurav Sethi said...

Cracker of a write Ott. The cyclone-sehwag bit was a riot. yr take on ys, srt bang on.

Q said...

I beg to differ.. I totally expected the Indian win.. not when England declared but during the course of the 4th day - and i have proof :-)

Having said that.. well said Ott.. as always!

Viswanathan said...


Glad you liked it. Been itching to write a post on Sehwag for long - the cyclone came in handy.:)

Viswanathan said...


I know. I have the proof too.:)

Anonymous said...

House arrest? Sp... he was busy finding the sauciest images on the whole planet all this while. Now he is serving it all up as a starter on his blog.

Am not complaining either.