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There is another Andrew!

by Bored Member

By Q

If you think that scoring 123 and 108 in the same test and ending on the losing side was cruel, think about this:

The batsman scores 142 in the 1st innings and is the last man out. His team manages only double his score and follows on.

The batsman again top scores with 199 - he doesn't get out, he is left stranded as his team is bowled out.

And his team loses by an innings!

Strauss, fate might have been cruel to you but there is another Andrew out there who faced harsher fate!


Gaurav Sethi said...

For Andy Flower it was like a bad day job, day after day. no wonder he and olonga ran away.

Anonymous said...

Ah the batting coach... looks like the jinx rubbed on to all cricket playing Andrew's who come in contact with this variety of a flower :)

Q said...

Right said NC.

Q said...

Scorps I had totally forgotten that Andy Flower was England's batting coach.. wonder if he thought of his game when Strauss got those 100s... the same game also had India's coach score a double ton!

straight point said...

i can not feel the pain coz i never scored that much back to back ;-)