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Daring to Dream

by Bored Member

By Q

If one cricketer can boast of 2008 being his year its Bengali boy Shakib Al Hasan.

8 tests, 400 runs and still counting. 30 wickets with fur 5 wicket hauls.


I am tempted to call him BCC!'s very own Shakib Al Hasan!

Right now he's batting on 82 nearing a first ever test 100 in his 11th match.

At the crease with him is Mushfiq ur Rahim, the boy who played a part in dumping India from the 2007 World Cup.

Rahim's batting on 40.

The Target: 521.


Especially when you have Murali to face.

But Murali's bowled 41 overs - more than a third of the team's total.

Bangladesh's score: 373-6.

Status: Lunch time.

So another 60 overs or so to go.

Another 148 to get.

2 set batsmen at the crease.

One of them being BCC!'s own Shakib.

Murtaza to follow. He's no mug with the bat.

And Murali can bowl from only one end. Not both!

414 was chased easily last week.

387 was as well a week before that.

Will Bangladesh dare to dream?


Viswanathan said...

The biggest chase of the year?

Q said...

They're inching towards it Ott.. who knows. Forget the year it will be the biggest chase of history!

Q said...

Oh no Shakib just went. Damn!

Gaurav Sethi said...

But the Shakibbing will continue!

Q said...

It sure will. into 2009.

Happy new year bored members!