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The pleasure of a very good series

by Gaurav Sethi

by Naked Cricket

A win is great, but how many careers did you crash?

If you can knock the captain off, even better. While 2-0 vs. Oz was great, it wasn’t really Ashoka the great.

The team remained intact, as did the captain. If you can call Ricky’s fragile state that.

Top that they unearthed Krejza. It’s another thing no scorekeeper knows how to spell his name.

Earlier, M people beat India. And somewhat belatedly Dada got the golden handshake. That conquest for Lanka was no less than the Kalinga killing fields. No wonder they’re Buddhists.

Deal is, Aussie didn’t give India the pleasure of a very good series – they could have knocked Hayden but in a weird way, that’s akin to knocking Dravid. You just don’t go and nuke your best player. Even if he’s, excuse the expression, a puke player.

England’s here. And frankly, nothing India does can give them the pleasure of a very good series. If you can call two tests a series.

As for England they can still have that perverse pleasure. But do they want it bad enough?


Anonymous said...

And one of the 2 Tests is being in danger of being washed out!!

straight point said...

its not a good feeling that even if you win 2-0 against them not a single eyebrow will be raised in india...and certainly not in england...

its given...

Gaurav Sethi said...

sam, acc to ottayan it's bright n sunny right now. rain's waiting for the game.

Gaurav Sethi said...

sp, expect the english test side to have fewer wannabe allrounders. More wannabe bowlers and batsmen.

Anil Singh said...


Will it be possible to put writer labels -- containing all their contributions, along with the usual key word labels.

As today, when i wanted to read the write-ups of Soul, Bhaskar, Raja, scorpicity... I couldn't find them.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Good idea AB. will fire a mail to the boredmembers. cheers.