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A Sri Lanka Fan

by Bored Member

By Q

I met an old Sri Lankan friend last night and over a disussion on cricket, I mentioned how India had grown to be the best team in the world today.

His response to that was - "we beat them 2-1 in the tests and also beat them in the Asia Cup final so how are they the best?"

I changed my statement to that India is the most improved side in the world today and on their way to be the best and probably starting a decade of dominance ala Australia.

I believe in that.


Viswanathan said...


Losing to Sri Lanka does not count.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Q, how 'old' was this old lankan friend? was he senile?

digs aside, old friend's gotta point. not that i like it.

ind's getn even better at home. i'd like to see them far away from home food and faces in the windies. or say in palin's backyard in alaska. and then break the ice.

straight point said...

we are getting there...slowly but surely...

Anonymous said...

It is too early Q... the signs are good but way too early.

Why? This team is in transition and transition will have problems at some point, before it rises again on toughness and skill. So far so good but the real challenge will come when the two key middle order slots are taken.

As a matter of fact, if Sri lanka boosts their batting, they have a extremely good team. One thing everyone fails to understand or take notice of Sri Lanka is primarily because they are so low key. That is a bliss for them.

Of course like Otts... I would too jab a poke that it is not counted. How can anyone possibly win against a few freaks LOL.

Damith S. said...

Ottayan> Whatever makes you lot happy mate :P

NC> I have it on good authority that most Sri Lankans are a smart bunch of buggers. I mean take me for instance.

Scorpi> We are trying desperately hard to be as low key as Pakistan, but since India canceled out on Pakistan looks like both us and them will be in for some attention.

Trust me, if we sort out our batting. Get Malinga back in full throttle, watch out India and who ever else might be ahead of us right now.

Gaurav Sethi said...

damith, that sounds like if saf sorts out their batting watch out australia!

Homer said...


Batting on till the score was close to 650 against Bangladesh before declaring despite hav the M&M's, conceding in excess of 400 to Bangladesh in the 4th innings - yes, we need to watch out!

And didn't India beat th Lankans at home in the ODI series?

India is the best tam in the world today, in terms of depth and talent. The results will take care of themselves.

And it will be reflected in the rankings, sooner rather than later.