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When Will the Silence Break?

by Bored Member

By Q

Dravid's that is.

Why has he remained so quiet thus far?

Amidst all the criticism and calls for retirement, I am surprised he hasn't uttered a single word.

Is he waiting for his bat to do the talking?

That time may not come.

Then why is he so quiet?

Latest stat I heard: Take blocks of 10 test matches since Dravid's debut in 1996 and he doesn't average below 40 in any of those blocks, except the last 10.


Gaurav Sethi said...

crore rupee q, q.
the biggest block is in his head. RD's playing a cruel joke on himself, and on us too.

MoYo was isolated at third man, this guy stands at slip. Next to skip. What irony.

the silence won't break, it's broken him.

straight point said...

when you have nothing to say this is best alternative...

he should get drunk till he falls and remain on drip for two days...he just need to loose the connection with mind for some time to see light in different perspective...

Anonymous said...

I hope his silence is also not with his team mates and coach. he needs help and not in skill but mental.

I say if Dravid listens to some cool thrash metal songs, he will come back with fire.

I hope he doesn't listen to ghazals with that big headphones for most part in the dressing room LOL.

He needs to have a good round of VSOP while at the nets too.