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What about the IPL?

by Bored Member

By Q

Shane Watson is out for 6 months.

He said he's aiming to comeback by the Ashes next year.

But what about the IPL?

The league will lose its most valuable player.

What about the Rajasthan Royals? How will Warne cope without his top performer?

Is no one worried about an IPL sans Watson?

Oh well, maybe not!


Anonymous said...

Lol!! man you are a perfect example to tell kids "ok look at this looser!! he needs to get a life and dont be like him"

having a opinion is a different thing n trying to be scarstic n making fun out of all is different...
you know all you guys who r jealous that its happening in india n not in england or any country.. we are trying to get it across all the world with england.. its great n its entertaining.. IPL Rocks!! btw cming back to RR n watson... i'm a great fan of chelsea n RR... if u see chelsea it has lost lot of key players.. it totally depends on team play dude... good players will cm n go.. but leaders like shane warne can make any team win... i know u will delete this... BUT STFU N GET A LIFE.. :-D

if ur too bored go get a gf/bf n get laid man

Gaurav Sethi said...

reckon Watson will be back on one leg to play for warne

YellowMonkey said...

He'll be back, he's good enough as a batsman

I think Delhi should do well this year with a strong local contingent. Their imports last year didn't do very well