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Be our guest, you bored so and so.

by Gaurav Sethi

Be our Bored Guest. Write in your yawns to Bored Cricket Crazy Indians (BCC!) at

Could be anything and many things cricket - an essay on your first bat, a book on the last ball that got you by the balls, a few lines on India’s rise to the No.2 test team, a word or two on MS Dhoni’s captaincy, a Hayden joke, and ode to the 12th man, a song for Shakib, a sketch of Zimbabwean cricket, a portrait of Ranjit Singhjee, a Jardine autograph and other stuff that goes over the head, on the leg side.

You got it, we want it. Coz we’re bored, so fucking bored. Heard that song? It’s the Bored Anthem which is to be sung not standing up, but on your haunches, with the fear of God, like a virgin catcher in the rye at forward short leg.


Anonymous said...

i sent it,
get me in
get me in

i want to be bored
out here
out there
with u all
with us....

Let be me in!!!

Bored Guest said...

Sam, you're on