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Ignorance is selection bliss

by Bored Guest

by Sam

He was in form
He hit 100s
He hit 300s
back to back

In ranji, u-19
everywhere, anywhere
but it wasnt enuf
it wasnt good
to get him in

we blogged
we scoffed
we yearned
we pissed

but petition fell on deaf ears
Pujari of runs failed
to get in to the team
to the useless ODI trip
to the land of M&M
to the land of Jaya & Sanga

Jade jaa jade jaaa
puja ra tu baahar baithe jaa
Dhoni tu chup baithe rahe jaa
Mere rabba kabhi to hum
bloggero ki pukar to sune jaaaa

PS: This is a musical tribute to selection of Ravinder Jadeja in the team and ignorance of Pujara series par series!!!


straight point said...

welcome on bored SAM...

yes, if only they listen to this BCC! :)

Gaurav Sethi said...

Personally I'd prfer Pujara to debut in tests. But that could be a while. Esp as Rohit Sharma appears top selection priority after Yuvi.

More than Jadeja's selection, it's Ohja's and Praveen Kumar's selection and Mishra's non-selection that's a worry.

sraghuna said...

Right on Sam ... kabhi kabhi lakta hai ki selectors Rastafarian hain ... ganja lagake raasta bhool jaate hain ... & I didnt know that the Mahindra's had a Lankan counterpart ... Mahindrawardhane & Mahindrawardhane methinks!

Q said...

Welcome on bored Sam.

Jadeja i think deserved an ODI spot.. he has been in the reckoning since the last 2 U-19 cups.. Pujara as NC says would be better off in the tests...

Ojha over Mishra I dont agree with however Kumar's return is again deserving.. there was no reason for him to be dropped before.. he had done nothing wrong.. always an ODI player..

Anonymous said...

Hey SP, thanks. Lets make them listen :) by hook or crook!!

Anonymous said...

May be Gaurav, you are right. Pujara seems good to be in Tests, but then having Ranji 4 day games criteria to select in ODIs doesnt sound convincing, so on that ground CP shud make the cut....

Anonymous said...

Rohit Sharma puzzles me!!

Anonymous said...

sraghuna, good on :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Q, thanks. Agree for jadeja but then Pujara :(

Praveen Kumar hasnt had a great domestic season. its being believed only skipper's insistence got him in!!

and again Mishra might not be a very good ODi bowler :) dont know though unless he plays a few!!

and i just think that Indians are now going to face a crisis in ODI spin bowling with Bhajji more of a container than a striker!!

Gaurav Sethi said...

And yeah, welcome on bored Sam.

Q, Praveen Kumar has anger mgt issues too. he and his band of hoodlums followed a road rage incident with a house call, where they roughed the guy up. Not quite sidhu, but getn there.
Also, like RP, as Sam says, he's one of MSD's boys. which Mishra is not.

Sam, in the few chances in the IPL, Mishra bowled some very good spells. That in spite of poor handling from Viru.

MSD, simplifies his captaincy - he goes for his guys. But with Sehwag he changed that. Needs to back Mishra more. He can trump Bhajji.

If the Mishras and Pujaras get the kinda backing Yuvi, Bhajji and Zaks got, they'll rock the world.

Srini said...

I vote for Kulakarni over Praveen