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Hilditch's dog gets media's goat!

by Bored Member

By Som

Australia has clearly gone to dogs. Doubting Thomas, sample this.

Chief Oz selector Andrew Hilditch was photographed walking his dog, daughter and wife at an Adelaide beach on Saturday when Matthew Hayden was batting for his career in Sydney.

All hell broke loose and now the Oz media is up-in-arms. What on earth prompted Hilditch to walk his dog in Adelaide at a time when he should have been watching Hayden, on TV at least, given the opener's future would be his biggest call of the season?

"We all love our pets, but jeepers . . . couldn't the dog have been walked in the lunch break? " cried 'Herald Sun'.

I guess all they meant was pet dog can wait, all Hilditch needed was to sit glued to the TV and see if there is life in the old dog in Sydney yet.


John said...

maybe the decision is made. whatever the length and girth of hayden's inning.

Anonymous said...

ahhh good lord, thank god in india we didnt capture DBV or Cheeka or jumping jack More in such a pose :)

straight point said...

to second john...the way hayden playing freely in second innings was like some burden is taken off him... :)

Som said...

John, I have this sneaking suspicion that somehow you are privy to what transpired in the last NSP meeting there! A fait accompli!

Som said...

Sam, sure DBV or Cheeka had/has pet? People claim Rohit was DBV's and Vijay is Cheekas.

Som said...

SP, I would play even better if I know that my board has inked a deal with de Silva.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Headline's a howler! As is the last line. Old dog indeed.

Mr H has a bit of GC about him, least in this pic.

And hayden's a loose cannon, one punt ricky's ready to take. not too many biggies around, reckon that makes ricky uneasy. he'll be better off in the com box with warnie, heals and tubby.

Q said...

I sense the retirement will be announced at the end of the series.

It sure seems that way with what im reading about his wife standing up and clapping and ponting waiting for him to leave the ground, etc.

Hence Hilditch knew Hayden was done and he could peacefully walk the dog!

Anonymous said...

That is a rather hideous looking dog... Gone are the days for the selectors to go on auto-pilot mode.