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The Bench warmers X1

by Bored Member

By scorpicity

This is a long hop and for the Test x1... There are obviously many missed off my memory and hence it is not a well thought-out comprehensive line-up but one born out of waiting endlessly in an airport lobby.

The Batsmen:

Shaun Marsh

Arguably the best of the lads being churned out of the Australian domestic system. Chances of him playing for Australia are when the legendary batsmen in the current line-up develop acute chronic hernia.

Ravi Bopara and Owais Shah

England could easily feature an alternative 11 that will beat their national team 50-0 in any format of the game... that includes playing immediately after a bypass surgery. Victims of the sub-organization that unofficially run the ECB called “Stick-up-to-the-Bum-pals Inc.”

Yuvraj Singh – captain of the bench warming x1

Do we need to say more.

Boeta Dippenaar and Mohammed Kaif

Both remain an eternal mystery on all fronts... One, being, are they actually good enough at this level. Two, where they unlucky to be born at the wrong time and place. One can never know. The only positive is that both are incredibly boring when they bat, which is really cool for us and all the pensioners in the world.

Mark Ramprakash

100 first class centuries, a county cricket legend and a role model among the kids taking up the sport in England... A living testimonial of how overrated English county cricket is.

Russell Arnold

The fall guy, who averages over 40 and has rescued Sri Lanka countless number of times and yet invariably found himself on the benches. Had no choice but to buckle down to a fat lump of solidified flour through much of his career, usually as the by-runner.

The bowlers:

Andre Nel – Spearhead

The chances of this fiery bowler playing for South Africa again under the quota system would be when few of his white team-mates contract hepatitis-C.

Charles Langeveldt

Did a first among the benchwarmers and went straight into the hall of fame. An opportunity to play under the quota system arose for him and he chose to go into voluntary bench warming exile. The last news heard was him calling up Nel on the phone and singing the Def Leppard classic “I'll be two steps behind”.

Nathan Bracken

Australia's best fast bowler in all the shorter versions of the game. Somehow doesn't find favor for the longer version. Maybe it is those ugly hair bands that don't look cool in whites. Pray, cricket Australia did a smart move in not introducing two bowlers like Clarke and Bracken in the same match. Imagine the agonizing hara-kiri fans in the stadium will be committing watching these two boring bowlers in action.

Sajid Mahmood

Right arm fast and wayward. The twin brother of Ashish Nehra, separated at birth.... It is unmistakable... that nose.... All Nehra's have that nose. With the “Stick-up-to-the-Bum-pals Inc.”in full operation, he has no chance other than being the water boy. Not very sad but true.

Stuart Macgill

For over a decade, he was Shane Warne's groupie and trusted sidekick. When he did get promoted, it was too late... he had contracted hip dysplasia along with Shane Warne's Labrador. A really sad but true story here.

Murali Karthik

One like Russell Arnold... An Indian parallel. His best hope is if Middlesex and England adopts him.

Now that we are through with the players, we ought to go for the bench warming coaches. Hey! I know all coaches in the world do nothing but warm the benches. But these are special.

Dave Whatmore

Perhaps the only coach in world cricket today, who has incredible turnaround results in his kitty... Yet, he has no respect or stature as they say due to either what he was as a player or possibly what he showed to his team mates in the changing room. A really really sad but true case.

“Guru” Greg Chappell

Of course, none will associate Greg as a bench warmer... no way. But I say, he will soon be for the future. I doubt after his stint with the Indian team and especially his 'yet-another-failed-vision plan' for Australia in that Indian series, it will be a brave or homosexually desperate board that will employ him in the future.

Sadly, even among my bench warmers X1, there are 14 listed candidates, which means even among the bench warmers, there are candidates likely to be a bench warmer's bench warmer. That takes the cake and the baking soda.

Now who will be so cruel to do that. Not me!


Gaurav Sethi said...

With the added tests, BCCI should add a clause for a Challenger series in the UK - Eng Srs vs Eng Reds, Srs will be dead.

Ramprakash: everybody's buddy, but that avg of 27 screwed him.

Saj demands an independent enquiry, blog and domain.

Q said...

You don't have a wicket keeper there :-/

Anonymous said...

Saj was quite ok and perhaps at times did better than harmi. Ramprakash unfortunately lost the plot when he was given the chances. Somehow, I feel their best player for the last few decades was always Hick.

Anonymous said...

Damm Q.... I knew I missed something... How could I forget a keeper.

Any names Q?

Q said...

Geraint Jones, Parthiv Patel, Dinesh Karthik...

Im sure there's another English keeper im missing..

Anonymous said...

Parthiv Patel LOL good one. That settles it!