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Mendis must wait, Murali must write.

by Gaurav Sethi

Brought on in the 10th over, it wasn’t before the 12th that Mendis could bring it on.

11.6 Mendis to Raqibul Hasan, OUT, Mendis strikes in his second over, he gives it a bit of air and cuts back on the pace, it's the straighter ball, he lunges forward to defend and is hit low on the pad and in line with the stumps, umpire Llong raises the finger immediately

Poses a serious question: why must Mendis wait? Even against the Indians, M had to bide his time in adhoc army training before Sehwag could execute himself. That was the 9th over. A little morsel of joy however, Mendis bowled before Murali who was writing the 731st page of his autobiography at that time. Each page deals with a wicket. He will bowl 35 pages later.


Anonymous said...

Murali must go!!

Q said...

U reckon Mendis be given the new ball? That may negate his threat.. flicking a new shiny ball with a finger is quite a task. It may go all over the place.. but then doing the same with an old ball is no easy thing either..

straight point said...

sam, murli is already going great :)

Gaurav Sethi said...

Q, sure can open in a T20 or ODI. Cmg in the 1st ten overs in a test, that's something too.

Sam, agree. Must go down the order after Mendis.

Good one SP.

Anonymous said...

Yeah they should not waste time with the new ball bowlers... Straight away get that freak in. The legend of Mendis is so strong that he will deliver some breathtaking deliveries with the new ball in total "rajnikanth" style.

Hoping to catch him in action against the stronger sides.