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Naked Cricket anchorwoman presents the Bored News

by Gaurav Sethi

Yaaawn…welcome to Bored News on the night shift.

This late night edition can be very demanding so let’s shed our inhibitions, shall we?

Just like Badrinath and Dravid shed theirs as they strolled in for an IPL net in the 3 Day Duleep Trophy game.

Dravid scored four times his likely strike rate, while Badrinath played for his likable Chennai SuperKings skipper.

Amit Mishra did well, bowling his quota of 6 ½ T20 game overs – that’s 26 overs, for only 149 runs. As anybody at the IPL will tell you, going for anything less than 6 runs per over is very good bowling indeed.

Sleep on it.


Unknown said...

the news ain't boring at all with that anchorwoman

Gaurav Sethi said...


N/A said...

nc rocks when he add women in the anchor. Looks she can give tuff fight to bipasha.

Anil Singh said...

The news reader reminds me of the ladies at Naked News... Ya she must be bored of late.

Gaurav Sethi said...

IBol, u thinking randy women's WWF?

Gaurav Sethi said...

AB, that's where she came from!