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The travelling salesman team

by Gaurav Sethi

Rings the doorbell and catches you napping twice in two days.

The game starts at 12.30 pm IST, cuts right through lunch, and then eats into dinner. That’s the least of it. Two ODIs in two days. (20th, 21st Jan, Karachi). If it weren’t for the BCCI’s leniency, may have been two ODIs in one day. One day game, one night game. Added up they would have made one Day Night Game. Here we are with two Day Night games, a two day break, and a Day game.

Then the Lankans travel back to host the Indians: 28th Jan – 10th Feb. 14 Days for 5 ODIs and a T20 game. That’s more like it. Two day breaks, and back to the grind.

Then the Lankans travel back to Pak for two tests. Which again are not played on the same days. Thank you BCCI. Cricket would be crazy without you.

PS: Why isn't India staying on for a Valentine's Day game?


sraghuna said...

That's maybe because the love is lost or alternately there's no love lost or then all OD'ing on an ODI binge leaves no place for any 'odi'nary love!

Gaurav Sethi said...

Sad 'ay for cricket.