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Bored Peon & Bored Neon: Brotherly Love

by Gaurav Sethi

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by Naked Cricket


straight point said...


(pechche laga rahe hain kya...) ;-)

sraghuna said...

hehehehehe & Coldplay sing YELLOW in the background ... these bros've got major kidney/liver issues going by the colour of their urine!

Soulberry said... were in 'bas, I was in xav's...all boys both places...were you not ever caught unawares when facing the wall? :)

The turn-around-the-firetruck was a hugely popular game at one time...I never seized in shock...just let it rip right to the top storey of the body caught in this fire. Not the same as hugging but something similar.

Hugging would be slick at times like this...blech!

Anil Singh said...

NC captured the male psyche well. If one in the group goes peeing, all of a sudden he finds the entire group wetting the soil or watering the plants.

Can't say of the other group. Otherwise it would become a big social problem.

Unknown said...

if one brother had hugged the other ... his name would have been p k lele

Gaurav Sethi said...

SP, back street boys.

SR, and sting sings fields of gold

SB, Oh boy!

AB, that's a good spin on things. Makes me feel psychic.

Mohit, Indeed.