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Whatever… Thank Sachin

by Bored Member

by A Bisht

Yousuf Pathan aroused the hopes
Younger Pathan blazed the shots
Brothers made India win
But before thanking duo, Thank Sachin

Mohammad Asif did the pot
Dubai police got the rot
Media helped the honesty win
But before thanking media, Thank Sachin

Symmonds made famous the fishing thing
Cricket Australia interrupted his bling
It’s the IPL who absolved his sin
But before thanking IPL, Thank Sachin

Sehwag was happy with his batting
Then came Chappell, with his constant chatting
He overdo the chat to make Sehwag dim
But before thanking Chappell, Thank Sachin

Warney messaged any girl he saw
He kept on sharpening his messaging paw
He lost the captaincy and the fun
His antics made the girls shun
Then he steered his team to the IPL win
But before thanking Warney, Thank Sachin

Today, NC made a group at Facebook
Wants everyone to have a look
You please join and make him win
But before thanking me, Thank Sachin

Join the group...But pl Thank Sachin


straight point said...


thanks sachin...thanks AB!

Gaurav Sethi said...

Grt. Nothing matches the Thank Tank.

Som said...

The Thanksgiving Day has become a Thanksgiving Week by now!

Anil Singh said...

@ SP

Thanks SP... Sorry..Thanks Sachin !

Anil Singh said...

@ NC

It's your genius to think of such innovative ideas.

Thanks Sachin !

Anil Singh said...

@ Som

Right said, Som. But in India one can Thank Sachin through out year. believe me we will find countless opportunities till Sachin plays, and may be beyond that too.