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NEWS BROKEN: Danny Boy's Apology SMS

by Gaurav Sethi

I apologise on bhalf of yr coach 4 coachn u.

I apologise on bhalf of da selectors 4 selectn u.

I apologise on bhalf of CA for playn u.

I apologise on bhalf of yr folks 4 havn u.

Brad, I feel fckn sorry for you.

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straight point said...

...and finally i apologise for not fucking you on ground itself...

Anonymous said...

but i do sympathise - with a captain like that, no wonder you are what you are

Q said...

I apologise for not officially complaining about u and getting u banned brad!

Homer said...

Two contrasting articles for your perusal,25197,25004605-5001505,00.html



Gaurav Sethi said...

Thanks Homer

sraghuna said...

NC - You really Hadhi'm' with this message! Howzatt to Pricky & the Prats!

Gaurav Sethi said...

danny's not a bad boy SP.

very true Daniel.

Q, kiwis should've lost for that.

Not had enough SR.