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The "Final Frontier"

by Q

So then, the final frontier, is it?

That is what many are calling the New Zealand series for India.

Steve Waugh never managed to conquer his final frontier, yet his team remained the best in the world for a good 7 years after that. Arguably they still are.

An Indian fan shouldn't worry too much because of the two 20-20 losses.

The matches could have gone either way, and Homer here has aptly described what went wrong in the 1st game. He's spot on.

Moreover, India may be the best 20-20 team in the world, but they were up against the best 20-20 bowler in the world (Vettori) and one of the best 20-20 batsman in the world (McCullum).

The Indian fan should not even worry if India loses the ODI series 5-0, for that is not what the "final frontier" is all about.

The 3 tests are.

With the Sachins, Dravids, and Laxmans back in the fold for those games, India should not have much to worry about I believe.

Nevertheless, even if the "final frontier" is not conquered, it should not be regarded as the end of India's resurgence.

I personally feel that the Indian fans have needlessly hyped up their own expectations. Those calling India the best team in the world need to realise that India is still a weak tourist. Or rather, an improving tourist.

They have always been invincible at home. Under Azhar, Sachin, Ganguly, Dravid, Kumble, and even under the captains before that, India hardly ever lost at home.

Last year's 2-0 win over Australia wasn't the first time India managed that. They did it under Ganguly in 2001 as well.

Hence, India's performance at home has not really improved - it has always been outstanding and it remains to be.

So what resurgence may I ask?

In the ODIs and 20-20 games? The 'real' fans would tell you that those games hardly count and I agree.

Coming back to India's improvement as a tourist. Now that maybe called resurgence.

However, bear in mind that this resurgence is based on first ever series victories in Pakistan (2004), West Indies (2006), and England (2007).

Test series have still been lost in South Africa and Australia during this period of resurgence. Even in Sri Lanka, where India haven't won a test series since 1993. And a series in Pakistan after that first ever historic win was also lost.

New Zealand is a different story altogether. India have not won a test series there since 1967, and they won their last test in the country in 1975.

Sachin and Dravid were still in their diapers then, while the rest of the Indian squad members were not even conceived. Not even Laxman.

That's how long ago India won a test in Kiwi land.

Improving tourists, no doubt but still a weak team on foreign land I reckon.

Having said that, this probably is the best chance India has to conquer their "final frontier", however, even if they don't, it should only be regarded as a stumbling block, and not an end to this somewhat of a resurgence.

Vettori & Co. cannot be underestimated and India will do themselves a lot of good if they shed some of their confidence and listen to what Sachin had to say before the tour.

They'll be thanking Sachin for sure if they do that and win the test series.


Gaurav Sethi said...

Q, as usual you've done more homework than most of the cricketers on tour.

if you take the two t20s, india's now played 80 overs, still less than a day's play in the centre. Sound foolish if they crib abt the lack of prep mid-tour.

I doubt this Indian team thinks of the kiwis as the final frontier; if anything there is a drop in intensity levels from a series vs oz, and somewhat casual team selection. If Irfan and Rohit are the captain's call, he needs sharpening.

Q said...

Surely NC.. but India will only harm themselves if they lower their intensity levels. Listen to Sachin I say.. its going to be difficult..

Plus I ain't calling it the final frontier :-) .. I read someone on Cricinfo saying that as well as someone at Rediff or some Indian portal..