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Happy Bored Day 6,6,6,6

by Gaurav Sethi

Happy B’day Eddie Hemmings. Long before Yuvi knocked Broad for 6 6s in a T20, Kapil Dev hoisted Hemmings for 4 consecutive 6s in one over, in a test match. Why? That’s Kapil for you. No seriously, why? Ok, it was to avoid the follow on.
(For Hemming’s page, click on yr left, tomorrow it’ll be six and out)


straight point said...

this is still imprinted in memory like it happened yesterday...he asked ump how many balls left and knowing 4 remained he hit all of them out a park and the very next ball hirwani faced he got out!

we need character like him...imagine some does it today...

paaji da jawaab nahi!

Gaurav Sethi said...

ub toh paaji ke pas bhi paaji ka jawaab nahi