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Happy Bored Day Forgotten Banerjee

by Gaurav Sethi

Happy B’day Subroto Banerjee. Hard to fathom why you were a one test pony – and bowled only in the first innings, that too after 3/41. Not that it kept me awake at night, but yours was the ‘common quick bowler vanishes’ story from the 90s. And to think that Warne made his debut in the same test. On your 40th, let’s remember that 3/41. And those 3 runs you made.
(look left for Subroto's page today, tomorrow, it will be forgotten again)


Anonymous said...

I remember teh thick moustache and the mop of hair. The guy has now shifted base to Oz land where he's a certified U-15 coach. Last year Tendulkar sought Banerjee's service as part of his preparation for the series Down Under.

Soulberry said...

Yes, he's coaching in Oz.

A man who slipped through the system.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Som, did Banerjee thank Sachin for being sought out

Gaurav Sethi said...

Sure SB. And then you have Razdan, all 10ft of him dng commentary.