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Happy Bored Day Pigeon

by Bored Member

Glenn, you was a man amongst men
Glenn, you was a lion outside your den
Glenn, you was a crazy nodding hen
Glenn, you was a line and length Zen

[Naked Cricket]
At a time when all relied on pace;
You held to accuracy and the grace.
When all made noises to make ball sound
Your subtle seam held the ground

[A Bisht]

Tujhe Dekha to yeh Jaana Sanam

Fast bowler hota hai Deewana Sanam

Na bouncer na yorker maaren hum

Line aur length karaate hue mar jaayen hum




John said...

Masakkali for the Aussie and now Delhi (not just 6) batsmen.

straight point said...

pigeon amongst devils...

straight point said...

now! now! AB!! great start maan...

Bored Member said...

I thought a lil Hindi mix amongst the literate poets wud be a change ;-) - Q