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Have you forgotten to thank Sachin today?!

by Bored Member

Do we know any of their fathers?!

No! We don't! All we know of is Sachin!

Thank You Sachin!

For if you hadn't disassociated with Pepsi, where could we see a wig-wearing Sehwag!

"Kyunki Aage badhne ke liye ek hi connection zaroori hai"

Aapka apne Sachin se!

Sachin's Thankfully
Ankit Poddar


Gaurav Sethi said...

can see diet pepsi signing up sachin.

Anonymous said...

Where is SP? His Sachin-phobia of late has been rather striking.

Yeah, that ad struck me too. Interestingly, Sachin isn't in the new Boost ad. Btw, I'm seriously bored on Dhoni. NC, we need to add Dhoni to the "bored of" poll. I shall vote from several places to dislodge Dravs's numbers from that list. ;-)