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If we wear the team jersey, then what will the team wear?

by Gaurav Sethi

training shots

india home cap

team india replica jersey

The Emperor’s new clothes are for sale - Ts, shorts, caps, name it, they’re here.

SMG must be disturbed, again. What gets his goat is that fans like you and me get to wear the exact same team jersey that a player wears after years of toil.

According to him, a player earns the India cap, where as a fan can step out for a stroll and buy it.

SMG has long been of the opinion that there should be a clear difference between team and fan apparel – Do away with the BCCI logo, he says.

Bang on Sunny. Should be the BCC! logo for fans.

PS: know what the New Jersey is called: No? Johnny Collar

1 comment:

straight point said...

there is merit in what SMG says...there must be difference in what players wears and what sells at stores...

nike...just do it...