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Is Yusuf’s attention-span less than that the other Pathan’s?

by Gaurav Sethi

by Naked Cricket

Always look out for the first ball that Yusuf Pathan faces. It could be the last.

If it’s a spinner, Yusuf will want to hit him out of the ground. If it’s a small ground, he’ll want to hit outta town. Small town, hit to the big city.

This usually happens when Yusuf has too much time on his hands. He’s not one for a manicure at the crease. Forty overs are thirty nine steps too many.

Give Yusuf one ball and he will score 8 off it.

In the Ind-SL T20 game (that will incredibly redefine both the Pathan’s worth), Yusuf came in with about 5 overs to spare.

With that little time, even the other Pathan, Afridi (and not Irfan) can dream of doing his number.

With Afridi, It’ll be short, fleeting, Boom Boom, and gone.

Q: Are these guys T20 specialists meant to holiday within the confines of the format – and stay clear of the rigours of ODIs.

What if you’re 5 down in the 15th over – isn’t it wrong to expect Yusuf, or God help you, Afridi, to navigate the team through 30-35 overs.

MSD has spoken, in not so few words, but here’s the gist: these quickguns will learn how to hold their fire (not Afridi, just the Indians) and by next year, should have the self restraint for the long haul.

And for that, you know who to thank, don’t you? C’mon say it.

‘Thank You Sachin!’


straight point said...

yes if he somehow (being pathan, indian one that is) can learn the nuances of long haul say even 10-15 overs he can be our ans to symonds....

Gaurav Sethi said...

i won't wish any player to be our answer to symonds. too many questions attached.

Unknown said...

we need to thank sachin for dilhara coming into bowl instead of sanath .. that really turned it for us

sraghuna said...

But we've got to give it to them for their 'pathan' do attitude ... longevity & bidding adieu to the slam bam thank you Sachin attitude will come with time!!!

Gaurav Sethi said...

mohit, dilhara is like agarkar, he'll give you a good net. otherwise he's gross.

Gaurav Sethi said...

SR, the time starts now.