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Lest we forget

by Bored Guest

I am angry. I am frustrated. I wanted to write this for a long time, but could not. I could not get the courage to write about this incident. I hated Set Max for this. I did not come to know about the incident till the mid-innings break when Srinath and Charu were talking about it.

Terrorists attacked the Sri Lanka team bus at Lahore, but you all know about it. I was literally trembling when I heard about the happenings. Without a moments delay, I switched to CNN. Eight policemen were killed, trying to save the Sri Lankan cricketers. I cried for them.

Yes, Sangakkara does not regret touring Pakistan because he is a professional. Yes, Jayasuriya is putting up a brave front and proclaiming that no one is seriously hurt. No NATIONAL HERO is seriously hurt. I felt bad. Not because no one was hurt, I am not a sadist. I was sad because 5 national heroes had already lost their lives. Their families totally regret Sri Lanka touring Pakistan.

These security men deserve to belt riot mobs, not defend against proliferated Kalashnikovs and AKs and hand grenades. Frigging Hand Grenades!

This post is for the men who lost their lives. Yes you cricket fans, I mean it. They may be more important on the cricket field, but every human is equal. Pardon my brashness, but I would like everyone to spare a thought for the real heroes. Thats all.

by Ankit Mishra


Gaurav Sethi said...

Lotta heart there Ankit.

I heard Shastri mention it mid way thru the indian innings. They may not have mentioned it that frequently, and people at the park appeared oblivious too.

straight point said...

yes of hman being should not be equated with the color of uniform he wears...

so the lives of security men were as important as of cricketers...

but such is life that they have to pay the price coz of some dickheads sitting in top positions think 'chalta hai...'