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by RajaB

Noun: mal’fúngkshun, A failure to function normally

I was searching for the “one word” that would best describe the Indian teams T20 performance today and found this one.

If anyone thought it is not, then sample this

94 for 5 in 13.2 – Almost 50% of your batting arsenal spent even before you crossed 100 and that to after exhausting 65% of the batting quota, not forgetting that fact that it was a T20 on a ground that was only bigger than the ones where we used to play book cricket those days (read classrooms)

MS Dhoni - Youth icon, inspirational captain, the mainstay of Indian middle order decides slow and steady wins the race, in a must win T20 scoring (a near run a ball) 28 runs in 30 balls

Ravinder Jadeja after having middled a couple beautifully decides enough is enough and holes one out to a hungry Guptill (16.5). Left one to wonder what the Indian strategy was

Irfan Pathan opening the Indian bowling started off on a great note, a six to Jesse Ryder. Bowling one of the shortest of short balls, at an express speed of not more than what would have been Anil Kumble’s “slowest” slower ball

But it was still a close match, or at least so it seemed. The Kiwis could win only in the last ball of the match

If you try and hide everything else and only look at the fact that NZ took their full quota of 20 overs to win or things like 86 of the Indian runs came in boundaries or that the Indians cleared the ropes more than the Kiwis then I must tell you that the grass is still very green on the other side of the septic tank.

But I thought the Indians were never in control of the T20’s, both the first match and this one. It makes one think if this is the beginning of the end, of what most of us call the great Indian cricket resurgence. I wish, I hope & pray that I be wrong when I say this. The verdict we dread would be out in the open in a couple of more weeks.

Ok, now to the most important part of this post. Why did one title this Malfunction?

One of the great Indian news channels called it so. Nope, they weren’t discussing any cricket when they said this. Apparently Ishant Sharma got his bottom exposed (of course not bare bottom, one could only see his thermal suit inner) and they called this a sacrilege and a wardrobe malfunction on the cricket field. The most interesting observation made by the esteemed channel was that the clothing sponsor Nike has to now answer a few difficult questions about how this happened.

This is what I call the great Indian news television malfunction.


Gaurav Sethi said...

welcome back on bored, Raja.

You've bared your hurt as ishant his, nevermind. the streaks at the back of sharma's head hath made him a streaker.

straight point said...

good one raja...

yup they never looked in control but most of the problems india had were of their own making more than the conditions etc...which gives hope that they will do fine in coming ODIs...