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Married to test cricket in Karachi.

by Bored Member

by Q

I completely agree that the pitch is not what's right for tests and that its not a good advertisement at all. Either way, Pakistanis in general have stayed away from the grounds for tests, even from the interesting ones like the ones against India in Karachi and the England series in 2005-06..

Most fans watch test cricket on TV.. Having said that, in all honesty, this test match has not been boring even for a minute for me.

Initially I was excited about Sohail and Khurram making their debuts..

Secondly, I was interested to see how Pakistan survive the threat of Murali and Mendis..

Trust me, when uve been deprived of test cricket for 14 months and get to watch ur team try to save a match, its anything but boring..

I'm in a house in Pakistan where 40-50 of us relatives have gathered for my brother's wedding - all of them have been glued to the tele. That just shows that it's not been boring for us Pakistanis :-)

On the stats front. Well there are 12 frontline batsman playing in this test. All of them have got their chance to bat. Only 1 has reached a triple and another 2 a double. Sure the pitch is flat, but it takes something more than that to get to 200 and 300...

Younis and Samaraweera have played flawless innings... and given another pitch and a more potent bowling attack with this kind of determination and will (younis) and aggression (samaraweera), I reckon they would have gotten the same scores.

Having said all that, I agree that the pitch is not right.But that cannot take away from the achievements..

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