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Excuse me while I kiss the dirt

by Gaurav Sethi

If Queen E was on standby while Younis Khan celebrated his tons, he’d be a much knighted man.

Younis, son of the soil that he is, kneels, kisses the earth after each ton.

Speaking to a childhood buddy, it was learnt that even as a kid, after reaching a milestone, Younis would kiss the ground.

On one such occasion, playing in a swampy park in Peshawar, Younis hit a big six, won the game, and knelt down to kiss the kechar – he rose, his face caked with sludge, and that manic smile.

Not to different from that kid in Slumdog Millionaire. Everybody was yucked out.

Rumour has it, he was much feared since then, and even known as Yuck-ounis Khan.

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Q said...

He only kissed the ground on the triple.. on the 100 and 200 he simply raised the bat.. the other half of the Yo-Yo on the other hand used to kiss the ground on every ton.. and when he himself was Yo-Yo (Yousuf Youhana) he used to cross himself...

But none beats Samaraweera shooting the dressing room when he got to his 100... he turned the bat into a rifle and took a shot at the standing dressing room before he raised his bat..

Gaurav Sethi said...

MoYo will have to kiss a lot more than the ground to make his peace in cricket.

But our man Yo is far more emphatic - almost like he's about to dive into the earth. Showman at the helm, pak cricket needed that.

a bit premature, but the thinking very soon will be Pak's MSD?

And to think in the IPL RR barely played him, but that's t20 for you.

Q said...

Funny u say that NC.. Dilhara Fernando today said "Pakistan have got them an MS Dhoni in Younis Khan" ... he talked abt calm, composed, leading from the front..

Damith S. said...

yoko has always been a calm old bugger, i think he was the right choice for captaincy.

he might be kissing a lot more than dirt if he makes it past the big
4 0 0 today.

straight point said...

lets have bet will he raise his bat or kiss dirt...any takers?

Gaurav Sethi said...

Q, if fernando said it, must be very obvious. Can see the MSD Younis comparisons haunting us like the Thank You Sachin.

Gaurav Sethi said...

damith, looks like he got the captaincy on his terms too. That's a big ticket in pak cricket, after inzi been too much flux.

Q, will afridi will return under younis?

Gaurav Sethi said...

SP, he sure has raised hopes.

Q said...

What everyone seems to forget is that Pakistan and the PCB always knew that Younis was the right choice for captaincy.. he kept refusing it repeatedly over the last 2 years.. He was first offered after the 07 WC and then twice after that.. everytime he made demands and was refused, hence he never accepted..

Finally he got his demands. He got his say in selection, he got his players, and he took the responsibility.

The problem now is the expectations. This 1 innings has made people go gaga calling him the next Imran Khan, Pakistan's Dhoni, King Khan and so on... I have also labelled him King Khan but atleast I won't be shooting him down when he fails the next time.. I worry that these other people will..

Its only his first match and first test innings after 14 months.. he exceeded expectations this time and hopefully he will in the future too but i cannot stress enough for support..

NC, as for Afridi.. He's going to be there in the ODIs.. test matches look a bit difficult though..

sraghuna said...

nomo LARALARALARA he shall sing all the way to the bank after the quadruple ton, after hitting payDIRT! nomo Poodunking either!