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Men of the match

by Gaurav Sethi

Once upon a time Sachin shared the MoM with Yuvraj or was it the other way round.

Today, Yuvraj shared his MoM with Sehwag.

When Sachin and Yuvraj shared their MoM, they did so in the flesh, even though it wasn’t a meaty trophy. They clung on to each other, the trophy, and the basic idea of sharing.

This time, Yuvraj shared it, but somewhat metaphorically.

He spoke in his endearing Texan Jaat twang, something about sharing it with Sehwag.

Sehwag looked like a midsize cap. His face, somewhat downcast, was obscured by cap.

Yuvraj as MoM, is a curious choice if you go purely by the scorecard.

Even though scorecards aren’t pure, like say, vestal virgins.

Yuvraj 117(95), Sehwag 116 (90). Top that Sehwag bowled 7-0-30-1, Yuvraj bowled 3.4-0-14-1

But then the scorecard didn’t give out the MoM award. Arun Lal did. Not that he called it alone, was it in cahoots with PwC?

Deal is, honesty blaze Yuvraj said, ‘i got to my 100 before Sehwag’.

Yuvraj was the playmaker, rainmaker, coffeemaker. He came in at 2 down for 24. Sehwag was already there. He came in at 0-0. Bane of an opener. You can never come in at 2 for 24, 3 for 30, or 5 for 65. Unless you get injured, retire, return. It’s complicated.

Anyway, Yuvraj was the Man of the Match. And Sehwag was one of the men who played in the match. But how.


sraghuna said...

JaaTex twangs notwithstanding ... Sehwag did turn a white shade of pale as the 11 vestal virgins looked on ... BUT what the heck, this is India supping & SHINING!GO TEAM!

Anonymous said...

I think Yuvi was right. You got to give the MoM to whoever scores a ton ahead of Sehwag. After all, Viru is the hallmark you judge everything with and against.
The MoM things reminds me of the joke. If says X is Man of the Match, what the rest 22 are? Women/eunuchs?

straight point said...

hahaha...good one som!

they probably are boys! :)

Unknown said...

yuvraj shold share some body hair with veeru .. veeru needs it

Gaurav Sethi said...

Touche SR.

very funny Som.

Indeed, Mohit

Q said...

Praveen Kumar shudve been man of the match. If he didnt get jayasuriya 1st ball, lanka would have got to the total or so they think ;-)

Gaurav Sethi said...

Q, yeah, he gets a lotta MoMs, 2 in Oz.

Had sanath scored, sanga wouldn't have. Sanath bats alone. He doesn't run a partnership, it's a sole prop.