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Where are the 68?

by Bored Member

By Q

Its very rare that any body of authority listens to me. I've made pleas to the ICC, to the PCB, and even to CA and the BCCI. They have always fallen on deaf ears.

However, this time round, my plea to let David Shepherd rest on both feet, banged the right doors.

The BCCI or the IPL or whoever was behind the auction list listened to me and a new list has been prepared. This time with 43 players instead of the 111 made public a few days ago.

Though I am elated that I was heard, but this begs for another more important question - where are the other 68 players?

No I don't want poor Shepherd on one leg again, but seriously - where'd the other 68 go?

Well I can explain the absence of Brad Haddin. No franchise wants someone who doesn't play within the spirit of the game. The IPL is all about the spirit, isn't it. So no Haddin. Well done IPL.

But the remaining 67? - I have no clue.


Anonymous said...

IPL is all about spirit indeed. Else how you explain the presence of Vijay Mallya?

Ankit Poddar said...

at least 4 of them could be accounted for as pakistan has decided to withdraw their players!

63 more to be accounted for!!

Viswanathan said...

Lost in transit?