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'Punter's biggest Fan Blog' or 'A Blog dedicated to Jayawardene and Rohit Sharma'

by Gaurav Sethi

Sam vs. Achettup

Sam -
My predictions for Aus vs SA Test series beginning 26/2 are :
South Africa : 1
Australia : 2
Series 2-1 to Australia.
Posted by Sam_2 at 5:51 PM


achettup said...
Lets bet on it, cmon put your honor where your mouth is... If Aus win the series 2-1 I'll change the name of my blog to "Punter's Biggest Fan Blog" for a month...If not, you must change the name of your blog to "Blog dedicated to Jayawardne and Rohit Sharma" for a
February 16, 2009 7:05 PM

Sam_2 said...
lets do that achettup :)

And what happens in case of a drawn series, gentlemen? Or a 3-0 or 1-0 series win either way?


straight point said...

things are hotting up between S & A
now thats call spirit..

my money is on A...come on SA...

Anonymous said...

I was just gonna write a post on this... in fact I think I'll go ahead and do that!

Sam must have had a brain freeze... I win if even one match is rained out! :D

Damith S. said...

if sam names his blog to, 'A Blog Dedicated to Mahela Jayawardene - the ultimate cricketer' Im in !

Anonymous said...

haha lets rule down the SA win...One win to the Safs was out of geneorsisty and an owing to their current form!!

Win or lose, doesnt matter to me. i wud remain a loyal Aussie fan :)

Anonymous said...

Mahela Jaywardhena -- ultimate cricketer, never ever. I can bet for Rohit Sharma in the future, but for this man who has killed the spirits of test cricket, never ever....

wud give up blogging and watching cricket if i have to accept MJ as an ultimate cricketer. LOL