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Sarwan strikes back at the IPL

by Gaurav Sethi

Take your money and shove it down somebody else’s throat. Sarwan spoke, as he and Gayle put on 10 runs in 10 overs. He also put on 5000 runs. Nothing put on about that, but don’t you think Sarwan was worth more?

Elsewhere, a dainty quick-turn-commentator announced Fidel Edwards' celebrating his $150 IPL price. What a shame he corrected himself adding a few zeroes. 'Thank you Ian'. David moves into the box. Ramnaresh closer to his 100. For Christian and Hindu names, tune into this series.

6,6, 3, Gayle gets to his 100. And Sarwan thinks deeply, oh, that's why he's gotta contract. And I gotta white and maroon shirt.

Two wickets later, Sarwan celebrates. Luckily it was for his 100.

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