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Telecast Blues and Gold?

by Bored Member

I have often wondered while watching cricket on TV if others share some of my cricket-telecast related pet peeves. One thing that comes to mind at first is NEO Sports's choice of font for the scorecard. I'm not sure if it is the font alone or the strange shade of violet-ish blue in the background that causes such irritation on the eyes. If you're not very close or your cable signal isn't the best it can be unbelievably hard to read. So much for the blue. There's one "gold" thing which I thought has been cute - the little cartoon that gets displayed on the bottom of the screen when the batsmen is out - with the bat being all grumpy and the ball having a "gotcha" type of expression.

Dish yours out, folks!


Ankit Poddar said...

hey VM,

i completely share those telecast blues, but my blues are more with ten sports! every match looks gray on them.

and more problems with the fact that you can never see the first and the last ball of an over, on any broadcast!

Anonymous said...

One of the annoying things I find is when the screen is shrunk to accomodate some stupid ad. Or those stupid animations and the loud accompanying music that drowns out the commentary/ actual sound from the ground. For some reason I don't mind the star cricket logo... must be because its blue.

Off topic, but I totally agree with your last sentence ankit. We really should organize some kind of group that expresses outrage over this... I've counted 7 ads squeezed into a break between overs... and 9 balls in both the over before and after the break. DISGRACEFUL
I've said before, the BCCI must ensure that broadcasters adhere to strict telecast guidelines... if they cut out deliveries or part of play to show an ad, the telecaster must be fined nX times the amount they would have gotten for showing the ad, I can't see another way of making sure they stick to the agreement.

Ankit Poddar said...


BCCI's own channel Neo does it, so i really don't see BCCI doing anything about it.

in the india-sl t20, for example, jadeja's wicket was not shown in real time, but in replays. when i saw jadeja walking (this was where the ad stopped) i was like what happened suddenly to this guy!

and the ads start, before the last ball is over!

Broadcasters at max, show 4 balls over!

straight point said...

i don't have any problem with broadcaster...they show me cricket in breaks of 5 day ad campaign marathon...

Gaurav Sethi said...

not enough ad breaks in the pak lanka series.

ten sports should take a break too. wrote a few days abt their images being magnified, and their logo being castrated.