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‘I am the best but Abdul Qadir hates me’

by Gaurav Sethi

That was the best banner inside the National Stadium, Karachi. Not there were many others, but Waqar Younis on air laughed honestly.

It was not an amalgamation of his Aussie-Cockney-Punjabi-accent. It was honest like his inswinging Yorkers.

Full marks to Younis for that laugh, many commentators you know would’ve glossed over with a subdued titter, off air.

Later, at the fall of Butt, with 9 balls to be bowled, in walked the other Younis. The new captain, Younis Khan.

If it was England, they would’ve sent a nightwatchman for the nitwatchman.

Means, Anderson would’ve been saved for later, and the 12th man would’ve stepped out to bat.

Cheats, every last one of them. Except for anybody with the name Younis in his name.

PS: Abdul Qadir is chairman of selectors, Pakistan


Anonymous said...

how do i contribute next to this blog ? am still on here ?

Gaurav Sethi said...

You're on. Please mail me Sam