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Wanna Open?

by Q

Three openers have made their test debuts in this week.

The Sri Lankan got a golden duck to a beauty from Umar Gul. The Aussie got a 4th ball duck playing an ugly swipe. The Pakistani was the highest scorer amongst them and played a few confident strokes before falling to Mendis.

A few years ago, you would have expected the Aussie to get a debut ton, the Lankan to play a few confident strokes, and the Pakistani to get out playing an ugly swipe.

How times change.


Gaurav Sethi said...

sort the openers, sort yr team.

beyond the opening, oz can bat clarke before hussey - think they'll be happier if they shuffle the batting around a bit.

Q said...

Shows why India and South Africa seem like the only sorted out teams..

Anonymous said...

Guess the aussies still havent forgotten to score centuries on debut ! North is the 18th ozzy to get a ton on debut ! *cheers*

A good one, like Veeru got against the same opponent and a tough situation.

I kno the post was about the openers, but debut+ton got all the more HOT ! :)