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Toilet seat man takes what a catch

by Gaurav Sethi

Neil McKenzie caught Katich. Toliet seats the world over will be raised for a minute in tribute.

You can put words to the catch, but that would be doing McKenzie a huge disfavour. Just go ahead and catch it in the highlights, it's bound to be all over the place.

Fielding at Gully, McKenzie can now have an entire school of cricket named after this catch - it will aptly be called Gully cricket.

Anyway, if you're the kind of viewer that prefers reading about catches rather than catching them, here goes:

Steyn to Katich, OUT, stunning catch! And i mean stunning! Steyn pitches it just back of a length outside off stump, Katich opens the face and tries to steer the ball away but thats a brilliant effort from McKenzie at gully, diving horizontal to his right and plucking the ball with one outstretched hand, then tumbling to the ground before his team-mates and the fortunate bowler mob him

You read stunning, brilliant effort, none which do justice to the catch. So go sit on a toilet seat, and catch the catch.

Bored Joke: Guess what's being served for lunch at the Wanderers: A fresh Catch.

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