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38.4 overs

by Gaurav Sethi

England in 38.4 overs 237/6d
West Indies in 38.4 overs 85/5

27.2 overs remain. West Indies deserve to lose. Just as South Africa deserved to, earlier today.

the wicket alert on cricinfo has dismissed Chanderpaul(6) and Hinds(20) and Gayle(4) for a duck. And Powell (0) for a duck.

Daren Powell is in the team as a batsman, he did not bowl in the Eng 2nd innings.

Anderson to Edwards, 1 run
I think I'm turning into Bill Lawry.
This is unbearable

George Headley, Everton Weekes, Garry Sobers, IVA Richards, BC Lara, FH Edwards...

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