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Gambhir Beta!

by Gaurav Sethi

Gambhir Beta!

Want to open again?

Sachin won't be playing.

Gambhir Beta, don't wory.

After 2011 you will be the regular ODI opener.

And till then, there's always IPL, T20, test.

Gambhir Beta, Dost Free with Coke.

But Viru is with Pepsi?

Open happiness. What's that?


Q said...

Wishful thinking NC.. Sachin is playing till 50!

Gaurav Sethi said...

sure Q, long as it's in his or my backyard.

keeping gambhir+sehwag apart be to the detriment of indian cricket.

Unknown said...

Hey NC, the coke ad should now offer tendulkar rather than a dost free with the coke .. it may help gambhir .. hamare team ka pappu

sraghuna said...

Filhaal Gambhir beta is 'toast' ... free with Coke till 2011!!!