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Cool Dude

by Bored Guest

Dhoni. Not with flowing locks any more. But locks or no locks, luck and lust to win: both intact. A cool dude, eh. No bragging. No jumping the gun. One win. But more needed. Not yet in the kitty. Hard work ahead.

England has had a secret weapon: rain. Kiwis have strong winds. Winds which demolished India’s T20 games, both of them. With one 50-50 defeat, Kiwis could say it is 3 all, but they know it’s not fair and square.

Back to gusts of wind: Did India manage to get on top of them? Perhaps.

When MSD won the toss at Hamilton, he admits he felt the breeze might help him. They did. In the first two hours, day one. But the storms petered out after six wickets pre-lunch.

Danny Vettori. Also cool. Readily agrees Indians not just upbeat but upfront. Own boys must learn to play 120 overs and score, if they want a fighting game. Field well. Don’t floor sitters.

Two sides. Gentlemen? The word is still in the dic. Still means something. Playing cricket, not hooky. Good boys. Stay good. Don’t lose shirt, white or blue or black.

by Lalit

1 comment:

Gaurav Sethi said...

You make it appear that both teams were Gone with the wind. And the they were playing in Chicago