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Deadly Cocktail? Squashed! Defused?

by Bored Guest

Thoughts. Were coursing through mind. Why not extend Kiwi tour and set up and set off IPL there?

Anyway, India polls and IPL might have been a bad cocktail, Molotov cocktail perhaps. Deadly combo.

Move it to Kangaroo land after a few games. Move it further and nearer home to Hong Kong. Get on top of time and jet lag. Not Macau, the Las Vegas style playground. HK may have rectangular grounds, not round ones or oval shaped, but Macau has casinos, but no cricket, perhaps no baseball, but pinballs.

So, South Africa. Good choice, hopefully. Land of Sun City and lions. A pride of them not far from J’burg at a white farmer’s big outdoors. The guy mollycoddles the kings of jungle. Good sight, if cricket watchers are given Entry. Some hope.

But land of Freddie and Kevin—for some games—might be equally interesting. Vizzy Mallya would be pleased as punch. Good pitch for Kingfisher beer.

After May 16 when chickens have been counted, would home turf be game? Dharamsala in cool mountains. Or Chail, at 8,000 ft above sea level, with the world’s highest ground, with trees around the boundary and machans in some of them for ex-royals, expelled by Viceroys of old for Scandal on the Shimla Ridge. Machans for Patiala pegs and frolicsome kings.

by Lalit


Gaurav Sethi said...

I'm all for the Finals to be played in India, ideally Bombay.

straight point said...

i second NC here...

let them decide the finalists offshore...and bring the finals here...

Ankit Poddar said...

modi has said it!

ipl to be played in a single country, with all matches in the same country, as the logistics involved are super large!