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Even funnier than Sehwag's reaction after he gets himself out!

by Gaurav Sethi

On Johnson's innings, a sampler

By the end of the innings Mark Nicholas was so high he was humping the floor, eye’s glazed as if in a trance while Kepler Wessells continued indifferently with his dry, laconic commentary “An excellent innings by Johnson.”

Be damned if you don't read the B-list of cricket, over at Bored Member Achettup's Punter's Biggest Fan Blog.

And where there is an Achettup, there has to be a Sam - digging into Sanga 'n Buch at Arm Ball.

On multiple captaincy, a teaser

We would have been happy to know who are the many captains in your side. May be Chuck as the bowling captain and the chucking captain who teaches spinners to bowl illegally, Vaas as the fast bowling captain, yourself as the keeper captain and Mahela as the blabberer captain J.

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