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Happy Bored Day Aloo

by Bored Member

Happy B’day Inzi, Pak cricket is duller without your witticisms. And those speeches, and thanks and that big fat blade of yours. Indian cricket though, does not miss you, nor does Bangla cricket. Fat chance we’ll see you anytime soon.
by Naked Cricket


Unknown said...

Wild one NC! Us in Columba's were exposed to an aloo look alike early namely the ofta man, but ofta would never have had those witticisms, although it would have been interesting to see a bearded ofta. It would be very hard to beard an aloo in its den though.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Ofta had some of Aloo's lazy elegance with the bat, both very down to girth guys.

sraghuna said...

The silver surfer meets the silver tuber ... adi'posers' of the world unite!